Make Your Holiday Event Stand Out!

Tips to Make Your
Holiday Event Stand Out!

As the holiday season approaches, everyone is sending out save the dates & details for their holiday party. With endless choices of holiday parties to attend, party planners are focusing on what brings guests to the party. Free food and drinks for the party guests are not the only things on an event planner’s mind when throwing a great party. Event planners are thinking outside the box with the hopes that their event will be the one everyone is talking about into the New Year.

A Unique Venue

Hosting your event at a non-traditional space gives attendees the opportunity to mix up their mundane routine. One guest might love new and modern spaces, or love the history about a building, meaning there is no one event space that fits everyone exactly. Holding your event in a space most guests haven’t been to or would not expect, can set your event apart from those in more traditional spaces.


There is no shortage of options when it comes to the types of activities or entertainment that can be brought to your holiday event. It is important to consider the demographic that will be attending and personalize the experiences to that group. Whether it be a cigar rolling station, a build your own succulent bar, or casino games, choose the experiences that will make your event memorable.

Is Your Holiday Event Venue Picturesque?

Attendees are looking for any opportunity to snap amazing photos at your event that will give their friends, colleagues, or family something to talk about. We all know the way guests remember an event is through their experience and through photographs. Consider the ambient lighting, the fine details on your table settings and beautifully displayed food stations. If guests are taking pictures of it, chances are, you have done something right.

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