Up Your Wine Game Series

First Session Was a Hit!

It was a full house in the City Club’s Library Room on a Wednesday evening as Members and guests flocked to attend the first Up Your Wine Game class of the series. City Club Member and CEO of Wine Pivot, Leticia Borges led the education session intended to help make wine more approachable, demystifying wine once and for all!

Leticia’s first session covered red wines and participants got to taste four different reds—both new and old world. In addition, a food pairing of cheese, salami and a piece of dried fruit accompanied the wines. Not your typical tasting and pairing, Leticia went over flavors and textures, and never once did she tell you what flavors you “should” be tasting.

She was boldly knowledgeable so much so that even the most neophytes of wine neophytes could follow the terminology with her witty descriptors and analogies. And she coerced the participants to chant “Rieslings can be bone dry!” (Something we won’t soon forget, that’s for sure.) Her comedic sensibility didn’t end there—she did a David Letterman style list of “Top 7 Tips to Navigating a Restaurant Wine list” – possibly one of her biggest takeaways in becoming a Normmelier®.

Stay tuned for Leticia’s next Up Your Wine Game session that will cover sparkling wines due out in August 2019.