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“I wanted to send a heartfelt thank you to you, Victor, Denise, and the rest of the team at the City Club for helping organize and provide support for our Partner Retreat. My partner was very pleased with how the event went. We look forward to continue our membership at the City Club and utilizing the venue for lunches and upcoming events.”

Guilliana, Senior Client Service Specialist

“Just wanted to say thanks to you and your team for making our first day a success. We really appreciated your flexibility, and the City Club facilities are very unique – all in all, just what I was looking for to make our meeting a true San Francisco treat.”

Marnie, Executive Assistant

“Being a member of the City Club of San Francisco has been a great fit for me both personally and professionally. The club is all about bringing great people together to create relationships – it’s not just a great place to have lunch and hold business meetings. It’s a gorgeous place to be, and you can’t go wrong hosting or attending an event there.”

Curt Cassels

“I am often asked what I do at the City Club of San Francisco, and I have a one-word answer: everything. I am at the club several times a week, and it has been an important part of my professional and social life since I joined more than 10 years ago.”

Jennifer F. Raike

“When I take a friend or client to lunch, we feel like we are on a one-day vacation in the middle of the City, it’s very different from going to a regular restaurant - and the food is outstanding.”

Richard Stratton

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