Wedding Traditions: Hora


By Alfredo Biralde III

While there are many wedding traditions ranging from the bouquet toss to cake cutting the one I find most fascinating is the hora. The hora which symbolizes unity and tradition is often present at many Jewish Weddings that are hosted at The City Club.

It starts off with everyone joining hands and start going in a circle whilst stepping towards the right with your left foot followed by the right and then back. There usually is an inner circle and outer circle to capture as many people in the dance.

The most fun and intense moment is when the honorees (usually the wedding couple) is raised up on chairs while they continue to go in a circle.  Everyone is happy and usually laughing at the same time. I have come to appreciate the hora as Jewish version of lining dancing. It is quite amazing to see people come together and synchronize to the music! Here are some hora highlights from some weddings horas at the Club!