A New Twist on a San Francisco Classic

After over 25 years of the same (old) logo, we are so proud to unveil our new City Club logo!  Many months in the making, our new logo incorporates an image from the famed 10th floor dining room ceiling artwork. Be sure to look up and admire next time you are in the dining room!. The main image features a fleur de lys-like image, reflecting the pillars of the entrance of the former Stock Exchange trading floor (on Pine Street – today, the entrance to Equinox Fitness).  While we have always been a private club since the building construction in 1928 (formerly the Pacific Stock Exchange Luncheon Club), a lengthy closure occurred during the 1980s, and the club reopened officially as The City Club of San Francisco in 1987.  We wished to mark this special date in our new logo, as seen above. We are thrilled to show off our new look, what we are affectionately referring to as our “new twist on a San Francisco classic.” We look forward to celebrating our new mark on the city!